Hello wildflowers,

I’m so happy you’re here! My hope for this brand is that it will be your little safe place to organize your life and get creative! A little bit about me…I’ve always had a love for all things stationery. There is something so special about sitting down with your favorite journaling supplies and letting your ideas run free. The best part is that it’s all up to you on how you make it! I first discovered my love for journaling around 10 years old. I was gifted a cute mini journal with a locket and it was my best friend. I doodled, wrote, made collages inside and I was so proud of it! Years after that, my love for stationery continued to grow. I stopped in every gift shop I came across to admire the notebooks, stickers, pens, etc. That is where it all began!

I’ve been lucky to create content around my passions and interests for the past 14 years, and Dear Wildflowers is my proudest creation yet! Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of this moment and I’m so excited it’s finally here! I look forward to growing and learning in this space with you. Dear Wildflowers is my message to you. A reminder that no matter how life changes, we are like wildflowers that grow and bloom after the rain. 

Keep on growing.